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Assateague Wild Ponies!

Assateague Island provides visitors the opportunity to see wild ponies like nowhere else in the country. The famous wild ponies on the island have been freely roaming the island since the 1600s. After a short 25 minute drive from the Fenwick Inn, you can enjoy a wildlife adventure that you will never forget.  If you are looking for a fun-filled family outing in a natural environment, then Assateague Island is the place for you.

Of course, the most famous inhabitants of the island are the wild ponies. Whether the ponies arrived on Assateague Island from a sunken Spanish galleon or accompanied an early settler is a great topic of debate, but it is clear that they have adapted nicely to the island environment since arriving in the 17th century.  However, the island contains a wide variety of animal and plant life. There are other exciting mammals on the island like white-tailed deer and sika deer. You are sure to notice them lazily grazing on the local plant life. Additionally, seven different species of frogs use a pond in the middle of the island for their breeding grounds. If you aren’t afraid, you will be pleased to look upon the different snakes that live on the island, like the black rat snake. But be aware, you don’t want to spend all of your time looking at the ground. Assateague Island is also home to hundreds of birds who use the island as a stop on the migration routes. The natural beauty of the island makes it the perfect place for a family to spend an afternoon.

After a fun day full of wild ponies, amazing scenery, and lots of exciting animals, head on back to the Fenwick Inn to rest up for whatever adventures the next day of your trip has in store for you. Be sure to try one of the amazing restaurants in the area before calling it a night.

Assateague Island: 7206 National Seashore Lane  Berlin, MD 21811

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