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You Won't Believe It...

Let’s face it, the world can be weird. There are plenty of UFO sightings, monsters like Nessie and Big Foot, and conspiracies that are talked about in hush tones around the campfire. Well, the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not in Ocean City is home to many exhibits that highlight the weird and strange things that happen in this world. Plus, this exciting attraction is only about 25 minutes away from the Fenwick Inn, so it is an easy drive for a whole day of fun. The Odditorium features such amazing sights as a shrunken head, unbelievable artwork, an extremely rare egg, and two-headed animals. There are even robot sculptures that look like they come straight from a Star Wars movie. Other attractions include an extremely difficult mirror maze and Ripley’s Impossible Laser Race. When you have finished exploring, you are sure to leave the museum shaking your head in disbelief, while planning how you will research what you just saw when you get back to the hotel!

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